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and useful information on
how to plan and book an O.B.

A guide to some of the issues in contracting OB services.
Please read thoroughly before booking an OB service.

(Terminology: “We” are Mobile Image Co; “You” are, or “the client” is the person or company hiring us to do the job.)

1) BRIEFING US ADEQUATELY: We need to know as much as possible from you about:

  • the intended purpose of the coverage, (for broadcast? for a screen feed? for subsequent editing? etc)
  • the location or venue, and any issues that might affect its viability: access permissions, parking, cable and power access, safety issues, etc)
  • the time schedule: (rig time, rehearsal time, on-air times, de-rig times)
  • the technical requirements: (what you think will be needed, plus any contingencies to allow for)
  • likely crew requirements
  • and any other factors which might need to be taken into account to plan for and cost the job.

A written brief is the best way to provide this information. Send us an e-mail!

Incomplete briefs by clients can result in increased production costs beyond what we may quote or estimate to you.


We then issue a proposal document, which is an ESTIMATE based on information available to us, and may vary as more information comes to hand, or if extra costs are incurred.

Additional incurred equipment or crew hours will be subsequently added to the account.

We estimate our costs on what we consider will be necessary for the job, as specified to us, and given what you are prepared to spend. We do not generally quote over-all on jobs as such, and thus contingency items are not necessarily built into the budget.

If you accept our proposal as it stands, you should provide us with a purchase order (referring to the proposal and these terms of trading) as the basis of engagement, for us to go ahead with the job, contracted on the basis of these two documents. If you wish to vary your specification or our proposal, before engaging us, please notify us of the changes, and we will consider varying our proposal to accept the job on the basis of the changes.


Unless contracted to work in with other suppliers’ equipment, we normally provide a full working system, complete with comms, tallies, cabling, etc.

We need to know in advance about special requirements such as extra cabling, tape stock, etc, or special interfacing with other suppliers' equipment, so we can vary the kit we provide to better suit your requirements. A major priority of ours is the correct functioning and safety of the equipment.

4)  CREW (standards, costs, responsibilities, catering, amenities, parking):

When we provide crew, we generally use freelance broadcast TV crew members. We believe the successful outcome of OBs depends on working with high-quality crew. Good crew are in short supply. To get the best choice of crew, it is vital that you book the job and pay your booking deposit as early as possible.

We pay our crew on an hourly basis. We pay our crew at standard industry rates, and feel that this is money well-spent. We mark up crew costs by approximately 15 to 20%.

If you are providing some or all of the crew, please ensure they are familiar with the equipment and operational processes for which they, and thereby you, will be responsible. Crew should also be sufficiently competent to observe workplace safety procedures and take care of the equipment.

Crew amenities: Unless we contract otherwise, you are responsible for crew meal breaks and catering at reasonable intervals, and access to toilets, etc. Please arrange for crew parking, else crew parking costs may be passed on to you.

Dress Requirements: Please advise in advance of any clothing requirements for the camera crew  (such as blacks, shirt and tie or suits, etc).


As is generally understood in this industry, given the live nature of OB jobs and the consequences of taking equipment on to a location, the quality outcome of OB jobs is dependent on many factors often beyond our (or anyone else's) control.

These can include all sorts of factors such as:

  • bad weather,
  • venue-related influences,
  • last-minute changes to event schedules,
  • deficiencies by other suppliers, (such as audio and lighting contractors),
  • decisions by producers and clients,
  • talent performance variability,
  • unavoidable equipment failure,
  • unavoidable operator error,
  • client issues
  • inadequate pre-production

Accordingly, we cannot guarantee the outcome of the OB component of the event, or its impact on other aspects of the event in question. As most of our work is in small-scale small-budget work, there are inherent compromises made by yourselves and ourselves, to keep the service affordable.

Please bear in mind that our capacity to prevent and deal with problems, is limited on the amount extra you are prepared to budget for us, in crew, time and resources, to be able to deal with contingencies. However, by allowing us sufficient time, budget, crew and information, you can help ensure a satisfactory outcome, and reduce your risk.

Obviously we don’t want any bad outcomes either, and we try hard to prevent them. You should take all these considerations into account before proceeding with any event or production dependent upon the performance of OB facilities.

Serious mission-critical broadcast OBs have extensive set-up and rehearsal times allowed, and large crews to cover every contingency. If this is your requirement, please re-specify the job and the budget, to allow for this, and we will re-quote accordingly.


Unless we specifically contract with you otherwise, you have an interest in the safety and security of our crew and equipment.

Security for the safekeeping of the equipment whilst on location (particularly overnight) or in your care, is your responsibility. If you consider this inappropriate, please re-specify the job and the budget, to allow for this, and we will re-quote accordingly.

If we feel security arrangements are unsatisfactory, we reserve the right to engage our own security services and/or remove our equipment from the location, and charge you for the costs incurred.

Please insure your interests in these matters.


A production site is a “workplace”. Often it is also a public venue. The law requires best efforts to ensure a safe workplace. These responsibilities need to be addressed


Good OH&S depends on all responsible parties working together, in planning, supervision and compliance. Generally, in the hierarchy of a production, participants have responsibilities for the OH&S of themselves, their subcontractors and employees.

Participants (in hierarchy) can typically include:

·         Venue owner and venue management

·         Event organiser: usually primarily responsible for OH&S management.

·         Principal production contractor: usually responsible for OH&S management.

·         Us (OB supplier subcontractor)

·         Other subcontractors working alongside us

·         Independent crew subcontractors

·         Employees of any of the above.


·         Cabling safety: trip hazards, accidents while rigging

·         Rigged equipment: equipment mounted around or above crew or audiences; cameras, lights, camera platforms, camera cranes, etc.

·         Working at heights: around scaffolds and camera platforms; working above audiences and other crew.

·         Working in darkness: trips and falls

·         Working in extreme weather: heat, cold, UV, wind chill, humidity; crew exposed to same

·         Working for long hours: rest breaks, catering, hydration, maximum safe hours.

·         Working in high noise environments: PA testing and operation, intensity and duration of noise; hearing damage; confusion in crew communication due to noise.

·         Keeping unauthorised persons away from the OB compound and other rigged gear.

·         Portable cameras moving through audiences and talent.

·         Mains power: generators, supply cabling, lighting power and heat.


·         Risk assessment and safety plan for the job.

·         Safety briefings for, and consultation with, all workers

·         Engagement of only suitably skilled crew.

·         First aid and emergency response plan.

·         Hazard elimination or isolation

·         Public safety: for audience and volunteers

·         Insurance cover: workers compensation and public liability


We can contribute to your risk assessment and safety plan for the job, by advising on OH&S issues specific to OB operations and your job in particular.

We can participate in your OH&S program on the day.

Please insure yourself adequately for public liability and any other risk exposures.


OH&S Planning must ALWAYS be a “work in progress” as we all continue to consult and contribute to the general and specific knowledge base of OH&S for doing these jobs. Accordingly, the above OH&S outline is not to be taken as a substitute for a complete OH&S policy document, for this and other jobs.  Also, please give us some feedback on the above document, to help improve it.


Unless we specifically contract with you otherwise, it is also your responsibility to obtain the necessary permissions (such as van and other vehicle access, permission to park, rig and film in a public street or on private premises, etc) and such copyrights (musical compositions, recordings and performances) as may be necessary to do this job.

In recording copyright material at your request, we assume you have obtained all necessary permissions to do so.

You should also be aware of industrial issues at certain venues affecting their crew’s pay rates, when involved in a TV production.


Don’t leave bookings or confirmation of the job to the last minute, as the best crew and equipment are difficult to find at the last minute.

Obtaining last-minute crew may incur additional expenses, which will be charged to you. Booking consists of a purchase order, accepting our proposal and budget estimate. Particularly with new clients, we require partial up-front payment as part of the booking, before confirming our availability.


Depending on the lateness involved, a cancellation of a booking after ordering, will attract a cancellation fee up to the value of the booking.

Crew will need to be compensated for lost earnings and wasted time.


Balance of payment to be on standard 14 day account to approved clients who have existing account arrangements with us, and COD to others.

Please be aware that any discounts from our standard pricing are contingent upon payment within the agreed period, else discounts will be rescinded, and the full amount charged. We also reserve the right to withhold further service from clients with prior overdue accounts.

Overdue accounts will attract interest at overdraft rates, and may be subject to recovery action. Copyright on our contribution to this work, along with subsequent permission for its use, only passes to our clients, upon receipt of final payment, so use of unpaid for material may contravene copyright law, and incur significant costs and penalties.



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